Since the early 2000s, we’ve been producing many
recognizable television advertisements and music
videos, along with a number of independent creative
projects. We’ve earned a reputable name for ourselves,
while building a successful image for our Clients
throughout Poland and abroad. With hundreds
of successful ad campaigns and music videos under
our belt, we are now co-preparing our first international
motion picture. As the scope of our business expands,
we will continue to collaborate with top-tier creative teams
and remain focused on the boutique character of our work.  

Magdalena Olak
Executive Producer Managing Partner
+48 22 844 7484
Marcin Borkowski
+48 512 726 822
TANKul. Racławicka 9902-634 Warsaw +48 22 844 74 84
TANKul. Racławicka 9902-634 Warsaw +48 22 844 74 84
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