About the project

Another of the commercials communicating the brand’s slogan “Naj doesn’t come from nowhere” features members of the Polish national ski jumping team along with science journalist Tomasz Rożek. Minimum of scenery, minimum of acting scenes realized on green screen. We begin with a shot from the real world, but subsequent scenes introduce the viewer to a completely virtual, 3D-created world, which in the final scene turns out to be a virtual mock-up controlled by the lead actor.


During one shooting day, we had at our disposal four jumpers, members of the Polish championship team, a car and the necessary scenery. In such a short period of time, we were able to shoot all the scenes in the car and a lot of footage for further post-production. The jumper’s descent was shot statically moving only the lights. On the set, we had limited opportunities to shoot stunt scenes with the jumpers, including breakout and flight. We could not suspend or lift them. So these scenes were created in post-production. The scene of the spectacular freezing of the car windows, on the other hand, is entirely due to the SFX team. We designed and built special platforms that allow jumpers to simulate poses while descending a ski jump. Spectacular effects were achieved thanks to perfectly prepared lighting and precise planning of camera movements.

The Making of



Post-production TELEVISOR | TANK


Agency: FCB Bridge2Fun
Director: Michal Sablinski
DOP: Jan Holoubek
Set Designer: Andrzej Brewinski
Costumes: Pola Gomolka
Post-production: Televisor
Sound: Juice
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