About the project

T-Mobile internet is not slowing down! The offer of unlimited Internet access for business customers allows any business to use the network without worrying about running out of data transfer limits. The biggest challenge was to create the illusion of takeoff and landing without being able to take pictures in the real plane. We achieved the effect using decorations built in the studio (the interior of a business class cabin) perfectly matched to the drone shots. Another challenge was the shots in which the plane travels through a large city.


Through meticulous documentation with a “centimeter in hand,” we selected locations that perfectly fit the dimensions of the aircraft. We created mock-ups imitating wings to get a shadow that corresponds to the real dimensions. The compilation of all the elements, most of which had to be planned already at the pre-production stage, made it possible to achieve such a realistic effect that viewers often asked us the question, “How did you manage to drive a plane through Warsaw?”

The Making of



  • Post-Production Excelence – Silver


Agency: DDB
Director: Sebastian Panczyk
DOP: Marek Sanak
Set Designer: Marcin Plaszczyk
Costumes: Maria Gorska
Characterization: Liliana Gałązka
Post-production: Televisor
Sound studio: Ztudio & Tempest
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