About the project

In the “It’s Movie Time” campaign, we convince viewers that thanks to Pepsi they will experience unforgettable moments during movie nights spent with friends. We would like to remind everyone – especially cinema audiences – that movie screenings should be celebrated in a comfortable environment – without distractions that spoil the atmosphere and cause unnecessary commotion. A spot for TV and two cinema spots in the style of the feature film’s cinema trailers were created for the campaign. In addition, the brand’s campaign was enhanced with an unusual event in one of Warsaw’s movie theaters. The commercial we produced was broadcast in more than a dozen markets, including Poland, Romania, Georgia, Malta, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Israel.


In creating the main character, we faced two challenges. The first was the creation of the protagonist using realistic on-set characterization, to which a CGI head integrated into the torso was added at the post-production stage. Encompassing the entire body, the silicone “second skin” had to allow the actor to move freely, quickly and naturally, along with a two-meter-long mobile tail connected to the figure. The multi-step and weeks-long process of preparing the makeup included: removing the casts from the actor’s body, head and limbs, modeling and precisely sculpting the elements and then painting them.
The second challenge was to create a CGI head, combined into one character with an actor playing on the set in special makeup covering the entire body. Prepare head designs that take into account the limitations of having to combine animation with footage. Integrating animation with film shots while giving the protagonist unique character traits by introducing rich, unconventional and monstrous facial expressions. Behind the success of our project was the precise reproduction of the designs and the close cooperation of the special characterization team with the post-production studio and the director, which made it possible to achieve a natural effect of the whole character.
The creature’s appearance was heavily inspired by movies or TV shows such as “Stranger Things” or “A Quiet Place.” He was 7 feet tall, had unusually long arms and large, clawed hands, non-human-like eyes and a mouth necessary for expressing emotions such as irritation or disappointment. An important factor was the monster’s ability to present itself both frighteningly and in the right light – innocently, bordering on caricature.

The Making of



  • Visual Effects / FX TELEVISOR | TANK
  • Directing Marcin Duniniec | TANK


Agency: Sips&Bites
Director: Marcin Dubiniec
DOP: Piotr Sobocinski Jr.
Set Designer: Robert Dqbrowski
Costumes: Michal Koszek
Special Characterization: Klaudia Utnicka
Characterization: Paulina Celińska
Post-production: Televisor
Sound: Loud Studio

Bonus – Action in the cinema

The campaign was enriched with a local part, based on an unusual event in one of Warsaw’s movie theaters. During the spot stylized as a movie trailer, the sound of a telephone rang out in the audience, which triggered an immediate reaction on the screen. The perpetrator of the commotion was addressed by the main character of the trailer, who interrupted the film and decided to solve the case personally. The purpose of the action was to remind the participants of the event that viewers must follow certain rules in order for the screening to go smoothly. Pepsi invited a group of influencers who shared coverage of the event on their social media. Among them were: Maciej Musiał, Karolina Gilon, Naruciak, Mikołaj “Tyszka” Tyszkiewicz, Ula Grotyńska, Jan Nowakowski, or Kaja and Janusz from the jakbyniepaczec channel. – The goal of the campaign is to emphasize that a successful movie entertainment is one with your favorite Pepsi variant and at the same time free of distractions or interruptions. The slogan of the campaign is “It’s Movie Time,” with which we encourage consumers to take a moment to relax, with their favorite movie and just with a can of Pepsi. In addition, in cooperation with the Filmweb portal, we have created a dedicated tab for our campaign, where all the materials can be viewed,” Aleksandra Smolarczyk-Piskorz, junior brand manager at PepsiCo Poland, told Virtual Media.
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